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Advantages Center


Chip storage conditions

Our warehouse has professional chip storage conditions, anti-static storage cabinets, vacuum packaging machines, and can complete the complete storage chip to ensure that our spot products are of the best quality and can be used for development.


Technical route

Professional software and hardware platform+User self-developed algorithm application

Product competitiveness

  • Industrial SOMs Providers
    Industrial SOMs Providers

    •  Stable and reliable quality

    •  Fast product integration

    •  Long life cycle

  • Mainboard Customization Expert
    Mainboard Customization Expert

    •  Mature technical solutions

    •  Prototype molding is fast

    •   Scale of production

  • Filter Customization
    Filter Customization

    •  Excellent filter solution

    •  Expert customization

    •  Wide application

  • Component Sourcing
    Component Sourcing

    •  Original genuine components

    •  Small batch purchasing

    •  Quickly provide components

Production process

  • IQC(Incoming material inspection)
  • Material baking(PCB and IC)
  • Online SPI solder paste inspection
  • First Article Inspection
  • SMT
  • AOI test
  • X-Ray sampling
  • Visual inspection
  • Short circuit test
  • Basic characteristics
  • Environmental reliability
  • Appearance review before warehousing